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In case a shareholder has more than one folio in the same name or with identical names in the same order of joint holders, a request for consolidation of the folios into a single folio should be sent to the Share Transfer Agent.

Desirous shareholders should provide:

  • Requisition letter duly signed by all holders, indicating the folio number into which the total holding should be consolidated.
  • Share Certificates in original.

A request to split / consolidate share certificates should be sent to the Share Transfer Agent.

Shareholders who wish to obtain consolidated share certificates of denominations of their choice should provide:

  • Share certificates in original.
  • Requisition letter duly signed by all holders.

A request for a change in the name of individual shareholders should be sent to the Share Transfer Agent.

For such changes the shareholder should provide:

  • Copy of notification in official gazette or a newspaper or an affidavit drawn on stamp paper of appropriate value or a duly sworn copy of marriage certificate / decree of divorce duly attested by competent authorities, where the change in name is consequent upon marriage, divorce, etc.
  • Share certificates in original.
  • Fresh specimen signature duly attested by a banker.

Request for change in address/ bank mandate details should be sent to the Share Transfer Agent in the prescribed format duly signed by sole holder/ first holder/ all joint holders.

On expiry of the validity period of the dividend warrants, the request for re-validation of such warrants should be sent to the Share Transfer Agent For re-validation of dividend warrants the shareholder should provide the un-encashed warrants.

Dividend warrants are dispatched within thirty days of the dividend being approved at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) by the shareholders or is declared by the Board of Directors, as the case may be.

In case of loss / theft of dividend warrants, request for issuance of duplicate dividend warrants should be sent to the Share Transfer Agent:

  • Folio number
  • Warrant number
  • Requisition letter signed by the sole holder / first holder / all joint holders
  • Letter of indemnity

Duplicate warrants will be issued after reconciling the bank statement i.e., after 120 days from the date of issue of warrants, if it is found that the said warrants have not been encashed.

To ensure safe and speedy delivery of the dividend warrants, shareholders should send their bank account details in the prescribed format to the Share Transfer Agent to enable its printing on the dividend warrant.

For issue of duplicate share certificate against lost share certificate following papers are required to be submitted:

  • A request letter addressed to the RTA/Company Secretary of the Company for issue of Duplicate share certificate.
  • An indemnity bond on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs 10/- as per annexure 1 enclosed and duly attested by some notary public under his official seal.
  • Copy of FIR lodged with police station for loss of share certificates.
  • A demand draft for Rs 500/- in the name of Cosmo Films Limited towards cost of advertisement to be published in the newspaper for loss of shares.
  • On receipt of above documents, we will give notice in Newspaper and if no objection is received from any person, we will issue you duplicate share certificates in due course.

In order to dematerialise physical securities one has to fill in a DRF (Demat Request Form) which is available with the DP and submit the same along with physical certificates that are to be dematerialised. Separate DRF has to be filled for each ISIN.

The process is called rematerialisation. If one wishes to get back his securities in the physical form he has to fill in the RRF (Remat Request Form) and request his DP for rematerialisation of the balances in his securities account.

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